Lobster Mushroom Ravioli by eatHalifax

We've been sharing all kinds of wonderful Blend & Extend recipes, in partnership with our friends at Ontario Beef. Stretching outside of our Ontario borders, we thought we'd try something new and challenged the lovely Kathy of eatHalifax to create a blendability recipe, in true East Coast fashion.

She not only accepted our challenge, but knocked it out of the park *mic drop*. Kathy has created a Blend & Extend dish fit for a 5-star seafood restaurant, yet she's sharing her recipe so you can enjoy this decadent dining experience at home!

Lobster Mushroom Ravioli by eatHalifax

One look at the Blend & Extend site and it’s clear mushrooms make the perfect compliment to beef, adding not only that all important umami flavor but also a whole slew of nutrients, less calories and saturated fat, not to mention extending our food dollars. When Mushrooms Canada approached me to create my own Blend & Extend recipe, we wondered whether the same could hold true for seafood. Challenge accepted. 

Being from the East Coast, Atlantic lobster was the perfect candidate. Lobster and shiitakes already make a delicious pairing but envelope that in tender handmade pasta and smother it in a rich lobster truffle cream sauce and I knew we’d have a winner. Though it’s certainly a decadent high calorie meal, we've used mushrooms to add more nutrients plus a whole serving of vegetables. More importantly, two small lobsters feeding four people with no loss of seafood flavor is nothing short of incredible. We've even simmered the shells to create a lobster stock for use in the sauce. Now that is extending our seafood. 

I know homemade ravioli can seem daunting but with some practice, you’ll be cranking out restaurant quality ravioli in no time. As a time saver, skip the homemade pasta and use wonton wrappers. It’s not the real thing but it’s just as delicious. Similarly, if you don’t have access to live lobster, simply use lobster meat and substitute the lobster stock with white wine or sherry. 

Find the full recipe over at eatHalifax and be sure to find Kathy on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!

Spooky 'Shrooms for Healthy Halloween Eats

Whether it's the big boys or little ghouls, we all like to indulge a little when it comes to Halloween. 'Trick or Treating' may not be your thing anymore, but maybe the next-day 50% off is, like it is mine. To help, we've pulled together another frightfully fantastic list of spooky 'shroom recipes that will be sure to impress adults and kids alike:

Beef and Mushroom Stuffed Peppers by Living Lou - Photo by Ontario Beef
Meals are made healthier using the Blend & Extend concept, blending finely chopped mushrooms with ground beef. The team from Ontario Beef took Living Lou's recipe for Beef and Mushroom Stuffed Peppers and made them a healthy meal fit for Halloween night! The whole family will love the flavour in these peppers and you can feel good about sending your trick or treat-er's out on a full stomach.

Halloween Pizza Pot Pies by Betty Crocker
Tombstone Chicken and Green Bean Bake by Pillsbury
I know I'll be attending a couple of Halloween parties this year that will have a vast selection of sugary treats. Instead, I'm coming to the table with something that not only looks great, but will also let me feel a little bit better about sneaking an extra candy bar.

Baked Pumpkins with Spinach, Bacon and Cheese by Oh My Veggies
Mini Stuffed Jack-O-Lanterns by Go Dairy Free
Mushrooms not only keep you full, but give you the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep you energetic all night. Fresh mushrooms are a perfect choice for low energy-dense diets as they have high water content, are low in fat and contain some fibre: three factors that will help keep you feeling full with fewer calories.

Mummy Calzones by I Wash...You Dry
Carved Mushroom Skulls by Gareth Branwyn
What are you serving up this Halloween?

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Happy Halloween!

Loco Moco by Crumb: A Food Blog

Autumn has set in and the leaves a slowly drifting down to the ground. We're still having warm days, but the nights have turned chilly, letting us all know that sweater weather is upon us!!

Have you all had the chance to try Isabelle's Creamy Stroganoff Meatball Skillet? It's a one-skillet comfort dish that's simple for weeknight meals. 

She's back at it, making great use of the Blend & Extend method, with this colourful Loco Moco recipe. Take a read over on Crumb: A Food Blog, and see why this dish should be added to your weekend routine. With these recipes, Isabelle has you covered all week long!

"Adding finely chopped mushrooms to the beef patties really takes this dish to another level - they add a serving of vegetables to the plate, layer in delicious earthy flavour, save you a few pennies, add a healthy dose of anti-oxidants and other nutrients, and best of all, cut down on fat and calories."

Find the full recipe over at Crumb: A Food Blog and be sure to find Isabelle on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest!