Top 10 Sides for the Holidays

Last week I shared my favourite holiday appetizers, now let's take a look at the dish that truly compliments your main meal- the side dish. Just because it's called the side don't let it fall to the way-side. These recipes will make your holiday dinner spectacular!

Here's my Top 10 Sides for your holiday festivities...

Persimmon & Squaw Bread Stuffing by Spoon Fork Bacon

Green Beans with Bacon, Mushrooms & Herbs by Cookin' Canuck

Creamy Cauliflower Purée with Shiitake and Smoked Paprika by Inspired Edibles

Butternut Squash and Duxelles Casserole by Vegetarian Times

Mushroom, Cashew and Ginger Bake by Frugal Feeding

Garlic Butter Roasted Mushrooms by Smitten Kitchen

Pesto Potato Chickpea Salad by Keepin' It Kind

Oven Roasted Mushroom and Vegetable Salad by Mushrooms Canada

Quinoa Mushroom Pilaf by Gluten Free Goddess

Mushroom Pulav by Kurryleaves

Find these and other great mushroom recipes pinned to our Pinterest boards.

What sides are you adding to the table this Christmas?


2 comments: said...

Lovely side dishes! Love that almost all of them use mushrooms. I have A LOT of mushrooms in my refrigerator, which my husband purchased in bulk and I have to use them. We eat a lot of mushrooms in our house. :)

mushroomscanada said...

What a great husband! Enjoy all of the wonderful mushroomy meals. Let me know if you test any of these!!