Going for GOLD! Cheer on our Olympic athletes

After today's exciting 1-0 win over Team USA, our Canadian Men are headed to the Gold Medal face-off against Sweden this Sunday morning at 7am EST.

Waking up bright and early for hockey may not be everyone's cup 'o tea, or in the case of some Toronto area bars, pint o' beer, but I know I'll be up, cheering on these Canadian boys! In fact, I intend to have an array of snacks prepared, just as if it were any other Hockey Night in Canada. 

For those looking to tackle breakfast at that time, a mouthwatering Mushroom Scramble on Focaccia will give you the energy you need to cheer on the team. 

If your home team happens to be in the mood for some sizzling appetizers, these Mushroom Risotto Balls by The Brunette Baker fit the bill! The marinara sauce even brings our Canadian colours to the table!

For full out pub-grub in the comforts of your own home, Guilty Kitchen shares her Shiitake Mushroom & Steak Flatbread.

So wherever you decide to celebrate, pair Canadian Mushrooms with our quest for another Canadian GOLD! I hope you've all been enjoying these Winter Games as much as I have. A HUGE congratulations to all of our athletes who are competing. 

Go Canada!

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